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Calibrate barometer's relative height ?

Does anyone know how to proceed to avoid those negative numbers ? I am getting the following, and it messes up my georef (negative numbers…

Started by Frejus

0 8 hours ago

Mission Planner GeoRef from Droidplanner Tlog

Hello guys, Has anyone experienced it ? Geo Ref from mission planner executes it well, file location.txt is produced.. ... except altit…

Started by Frejus

1 yesterday
Reply by Arthur Benemann

problem 3DR Telemetry not work

good day. I have a roblem with 3dr radio telemetry, do not connect to each other. the strange thing is that will make connecting one month…

Started by agustin cherrubito

5 on Tuesday
Reply by Frejus

Can anyone explain those new designs ? Purely aesthetics or indeed more efficient ?

Started by Frejus

11 on Saturday
Reply by Frejus

flying continuos circuits until battery voltage low

Hii am looking to have my fx-61 fly a waypoint circuit continuously until the battery voltage drops to a certain value which then executes…

Started by Adam Eng.

3 Apr 10
Reply by iskess

What plane 2,5m max / 1.5kg max can fly slow and resist wind up to 20mph ?

I am doing AP and photogrammetry with Bixler + APM + GPS + telemetry. It flies fine but as soon as going upwind when wind above 10mph, plan…

Started by Frejus

11 Apr 10
Reply by Hugues

Favouring upwind slow flight for taking pictures

Before doing that, I would like to have your opinion. I have always tried as much as I can to take advantage of nature forces instead of f…

Started by Frejus

22 Apr 8
Reply by moglos

connecting APM 2.5 with R/C

Hi  i have APM 2.5  and i'm using  Futaba 4 channels + 2 AUX i have…

Started by Muhàmmàd Ïbràhïm

9 Apr 8
Reply by Muhàmmàd Ïbràhïm

Auto Pilot

hello everyone  I'm making graduation project about UAV i wanna know how to build auto pilot using Micro-controller , i wanna build it my s…

Started by Muhàmmàd Ïbràhïm

6 Apr 6
Reply by Muhàmmàd Ïbràhïm

Slow upwind and fast downwind making loiters oval. What to tune ?

I am flying on a 3 channel Bixler (no ailerons) as I want to open a plane drone school and 3 channels systems are so simple it could be flo…

Started by Frejus

1 Apr 2
Reply by Jay Bryon


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